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Your business has just reached a milestone in sales or customers and you realize you now need a CPA firm to handle your taxes and financial reports.  Good information is the only way to continue growing your business.  But you don’t know anything about CPA’s and what they should do for you.  Here are some […]

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Teaching Your Children to Manage Their Money

Teaching Your Children to Manage Their Money A 2012 survey conducted by Harris Interactive for AICPA shows that many parents never discuss money with their children.  It seems that kids are not being taught how to manage their money by their parents or anyone else.  Parents who do talk about money don’t usually have that […]

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Does Blogging Drive People to Your Website?

Does Blogging Drive People to Your Website? The short answer is a resounding YES!!  Blogs let your customers and potential customers know that you are informed and knowledgeable about your field, your product or your service.  They are a great way to get feedback from your readers, answer questions and get more business.   That […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Bank and a Credit Union?

Do you have a friend or family member who belongs to a credit union?  Have you wondered whether a bank or a credit union is best for your financial needs?  And just what is the difference?  They both have savings and checking accounts.  Is there any difference?  The short answer is yes, there is a […]

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