Welcome to MOM-TALENT

Mom-Talent’s  professionals have chosen to leave full-time careers in order to balance their WORK/LIFE goals. They have chosen part-time employment.

Our unique accounting solution will lower head count, reduce health insurance costs, and minimize the HR “hassle factor” for your business.

The Mom Talent Difference:

  • We background check our “Talent”.
  • We test for general accounting knowledge.
  • We verify knowledge of popular software packages.
  • We screen to match your company’s culture
  • Our “Talent” is available from 5 hrs/month to 30 hours/week, remotely or in your office
  • Our “Talent” has had previous successful full time careers,
  • Our “Talent” chooses to work part time.
  • We also help “Talent” re-enter the work force full-time, after time off to pursue their work/life goals.

MOM-TALENT will work to develop a strong relationship with your team in order to ensure that your expectations are being achieved.


“Niche” staffing of Full-time and Part-time professional Accountants. Finding the right Accountant for your company’s needs. Let a Qualified Part-Time or Full-time Professional fill your needs..