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What’s the Difference Between a Bank and a Credit Union?

Do you have a friend or family member who belongs to a credit union?  Have you wondered whether a bank or a credit union is best for your financial needs?  And just what is the difference?  They both have savings and checking accounts.  Is there any difference?  The short answer is yes, there is a […]

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Accounting Time Management is Key to Business Success

Every small business owner has too many things to do in one day.  There are the things you absolutely must do to keep your business functioning, the things that could be done, and the things that would be a good idea to get done if only you had the time.  Only you can decide where […]

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Part-Time Professional Accountants a Must for Small Businesses

Why Do Small To Medium Sized Businesses Need Part-Time Professional Accountants? Most small business owners are very busy growing their businesses, doing what they do best, whether it is selling furniture, remodeling kitchens, or website design.  The day is too short to keep up on the accounting end of things.  But that is exactly the […]

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