Does Blogging Drive People to Your Website?

Does Blogging Drive People to Your Website?

The short answer is a resounding YES!!  Blogs let your customers and potential customers know that you are informed and knowledgeable about your field, your product or your service.  They are a great way to get feedback from your readers, answer questions and get more business.


That being said, your blogs need to have quality content for them to make a difference.  Be sure that you know what you are talking about.  If you hire a professional blog writer to make your information sound good on paper, be sure you carefully edit what they have written to assure it is factual and what you want to be said.  Give your blogger specific examples of how your business can make life better for your customer.  Generalities only go so far in making your point.  A case history or short analogy will make your point faster than stating it outright.


Other ways to use blogging to drive traffic to your website include commenting or answering questions on other blogs for similar businesses or topics.  You can address the topic further or provide a solution to a problem.  You may disagree with what has been said by another blogger, but always do so respectfully.  Use humor when appropriate to make yourself memorable to your reader.  By putting a backlink from these blogs to your website, you will drive traffic to your site.  This is where weighing in with authority on someone else’s blog will cost you a little time but could provide a big payday down the road.  Your own blog, if done right, will mark you as someone with something to say and the expertise to say it.  Your thoughts on various topics will show your expertise in a range of areas and your customer will learn more about you and your business.  Your customers will thank you for it.

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